Inner Source--A Tutorial

Open Source has had an enormous impact on the software industry. Open Source Software (OSS) is widely adopted by software development organizations in a variety of ways. Besides adopting OSS products, either as productivity tools or as off-the-shelf components, a number of organizations have adopted open source practices to develop their software. This is known as ‘inner source’ as the software is ‘sourced’ internally, although different terms have been used such as “progressive open source” and “corporate open source.”

Key Factors for Adopting Inner Source

A number of organizations have adopted Open Source Software (OSS) development practices to support or augment their software development processes, a phenomenon frequently referred to as Inner Source. However the adoption of Inner Source is not a straightforward issue. Many organizations are struggling with the question of whether Inner Source is an appropriate approach to software development for them in the first place. This article presents a framework derived from the literature on Inner Source, which identifies nine important factors that need to be considered when implementing Inner Source.

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